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The X-Rap Prop marks the X-Rap family’s entrance into this productive category. Simply by adding X-Rap Attitude Rapala has taken a good bait and made it great. Stainless Steel Props create X-size noise and splash, churning, spitting and gurgling with the slightest tug. Whether you’re fishing a snap and pause, straight or shredding retrieve, the counter-rotating blades ensure a straight track back to the boat. Tail drops down during pause allowing better hooks up. X-Rap finish with internal laser-etched scales and holographic foil create an impressive flash. Internal long-cast mechanism lets you cast into the most timid fish from far away, without spooking them with your boat. VMC black nickel hooks all around with flash feather teaser tail on the stern. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to run straight and true right out of the box.Features:- Stainless Steel Nose & Tail Propellers- Counter-Rotating Design Tracks Straight- Internal Long Cast- Internal Textured Scales, Gills and Fins- 3D Holographic Eye- VMC Black Nickel Hooks- Flash Feather Teaser Tail- X-Style

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