Yozuri R469GT 5-1/4″ 3/4Oz Crystal Minnow TENNESSEE SHAD


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Lure more fish in and make your trips to the water more productive with the Yo-Zuri America Crystal 3D Minnow. It is designed with an authentic, lifelike appearance to attract the attention of fish. Made of polycarbonate, it offers durability. This Yo Zuri minnow measures 130mm or 5-1/4″ and is available in a wide variety of colors. It also has two 3-way hooks to snag fish when they bite, as well as a Internal 3D prism finish that reflects all subsurface light. An erratic swimming motion from side to side helps increase the Yo-Zuri America Crystal 3D Minnow’s effectiveness in attracting fish.
Yo-Zuri America Crystal 3D Minnow (F), 130mm, 5-1/4″:
Made of polycarbonate
Manufacturer’s defect warranty
Available fishing minnow colors: Blue Tiger, blue yellow, Hot Tiger, silver black and silver bronze
Erratic and unique swimming motion from side to side
Internal 3D prism finish reflects all subsurface light
Two 3-way hooks made of saltwater-grade tin to snatch fish
Rattle ball sound system
Year-round durability

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Weight 1.1 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 6.50 × 1 in