Sliders CSG14 Yellow Crappie Grub


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Many tournament-winning crappie anglers credit Charlie Brewer’s Crappie Slider Grub as the main reason for their success. The chunky ribbed body, vibrant colors, and miniature paddle tail offer the look and action needed to persuade big slabs to take a swipe. Designed to slide easily over thick brush and timber where the biggest crappie hang. Suitable for any size slider head or jighead; great for casting, trolling, or vertical jigging. Rig with a Weedless Crappie Slider head for best results in cover.

Designed to slide over thick brush and timber
Chunky, ribbed body
Vibrant color patterns
Miniature paddle tail
Suitable for any size of slider head or jig head
Effective cast, trolled or vertically jigged

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Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5.25 × 1 in