Strike King Rage Baby Craw RGBC-144 Hard Candy


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The Strike King Rage Baby Craw has all of the great features that made the original Rage Craw so popular – now in a 3″ version. Carolina rig it, Texas rig it or downsize your jig and use it as a trailer, its an effective little finesse bait that offers tons of rigging versatility. Unique in its ability to create a huge amount of vibration, its a must-have bait for bedding fish. With the slightest movement of the rod tip, the claws start flapping back and forth, creating a terrific action. Even at rest on the bottom the Rage Baby Craw looks like a crawfish in a defensive position with its pincers up. The Rage Baby Craw 3″ uses Strike Kings customized high-grade plastic and is available in a variety of colors to match your local forage. Specifications:- Color: Hard Candy- Length: 3″- Pack Quantity: 9

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Weight 1.9 oz
Dimensions 5 × 6.50 × 1 in